Training – learning about the future

Interactive, process-oriented, customized. Whenever possible, I like to include training measures in larger-scale transition projects as a bridge between old and new patterns of behaviour. Where know-how is actually missing. I reject one-off training sessions for "problem departments" that are not integrated into the organisation and part of its strategic goals. My training sessions are more like "work shops", in the literal sense.

Your concern
Your staff lack the know-how that is now required, especially social skills, such as communication and conflict management.

My services
Subjects relating to learning social, communication and personal skills

Communication & interview management
  • Fundamental principles of successful dialogue
  • Conducting interviews with employees in a solution-focused way
  • Developing negotiation strategies
Conflict management
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Learning to cope with inner conflicts
Tools for consultants
  • Basic principles of systemic consulting
Personality development
  • Holistic self-management and time-management – beyond timers and smartphones
  • Emotional intelligence and social skills
Think (and manage) systemically – specifically for engineers and project managers