Coaching – a time to reflect

Coaching means,
  • …slowing down
  • …taking time to reflect
  • …resolving professional and personal issues
Whether you're a senior executive, project manager or a member of staff, I give you the time and space to reflect. After discussing the assignment (with you personally, your executive manager and/or HR manager) and defining your goal, I see myself as a sparring partner. I'm both an empathic listener and a challenging interrogator, and I expect you to give me a clear and direct answer. I like to put my finger on sore spots, but always with a sense of humour and irony. What customers appreciate is my combination of sincerity, reliability and crisis-resistant and astute far-sightedness for your business. My strength is the ability to work with you and turn old chaos into new structures.

Your concern
  • What are my professional methods and goals?
  • I'm taking on new managerial responsibility – How and where do I start?
  • How do I organise the first 100 days as a senior executive?
  • There are conflicts with a colleague: What should I do?
  • How can I manage my own boss more strategically?
  • How can I control my emotions more effectively and use them more efficiently?
  • I've lost the plot: I need to reassess myself professionally and socially
My services
  • Coaching according to Steve de Shazer/ Insoo Kim Berg's solution-focused approach
  • Intensive coaching: A "walk-shop" weekend in the Rhön region to kick off your personal development/strategy project
  • MBTI personality model – getting to know one's self and one's colleagues better
  • Structuring the start of management
  • Actively shaping your own career – working with Ed Schein's Career Anchor
  • Analysing style of communication and conflicts with colleagues
  • Women in management positions – Gender issues and reflections
  • Examining work-life balance and stress in management

For more in-depth therapeutic approaches: Brief therapy