Brief therapy – solution-focused

Coaching sessions often bring to light issues that go beyond the scope of traditional business-oriented coaching and require more in-depth analysis. This is where questions relating to personal well-being, recurring behavioural patterns, original family or the effects of a job on a relationship are examined. As a therapist, I also offer more in-depth counselling services.

Your concern
  • "I love my job but my wife complains I don't have enough time for her…"
  • "My kids want me to play with them but I'm so distracted…"
  • "If I carry on working like this, will I suffer from burnout?"
  • "I drink a bottle of wine every evening to switch off…".
  • "What's the point of my work when viewed as a whole?"
  • "I never wanted to be a boss like my father, but now …!"
My brief therapeutic interventions concentrate on strengthening your reflective and relationship skills.

My services
  • Solution-focused brief therapy
  • Systemic family therapy for individuals, couples and families
  • Communication training for couples and (prospective) parents
  • I also offer services in cooperation with the midwife practice Am Engelbach and colleagues from the Netzwerk für Familie and Gesundheit at the Haus Am Engelbach
Brief therapy