Family business therapy – connecting interfaces

Two overlapping systems clash: the entrepreneur's family and his/her business and its staff. This is a special situation. The influence and experience of the family determine the culture of the business. Complications frequently occur in the dynamics of both spheres of interest and the personalities involved in them.
Thanks to many years' experience as an organisation consultant and as a qualified family therapist, I am able to look at both systems equally and bring together interfaces – offering you a genuine added value. I enable company founders and successors, supervisory board and shareholders to cooperate and talk to each other again.

Your concern
  • "Who's the old man with the hat?" – How can we treat the company founder (more) respectfully?
  • Is John Junior the right successor? – How can we solve the problem of finding the right successor?
  • "Aunty Annie is sticking her nose in (again)" – Who has a right to say anything and to what extent?
  • Balancing tradition and innovation – What should stay, what has to change?
  • Own management or managing director?
My services
  • Everyone sits at one table – Your family speaks about your business, communication is improved, conflicts are resolved
  • Analysing resource-oriented family genograms and organigrams and solving problems
  • Father, uncle, brother, nephew – Who makes the decisions here? Reassess and possibly redistribute roles and duties
  • Examine and resolve taboo subjects
  • Design sustainable strategies together
  • "It's not fun any more!" – Rediscovering the fun of running a family business
  • Learning how to handle company founders, patriarchs, special cases and "relics"
  • Crises and crisis management – together with other consultants specialising in business issues

Family business therapy