Consulting philosophy – the personal touch

This is where you might expect to read about systemic understanding, modern management theories and the latest academic training and consulting approaches. Or about a fantastic consultancy concept summed up in 10 points with lots of consultancy lingo. But you won't! Certain things I simply assume you already know! Profile

My ideas about cooperation with customers are very simple:
  • Difference
I want the work that I do with you, be it consulting, coaching, training, brief therapy or interim management, to make a difference. A difference between before and after, between old and new, between what is thought and what is felt, what is said and what is done, what is planned and actually put into practice…
  • Fun
I want my consultancy to be fun. For me and for you. I like to laugh and see the funny side when things get difficult. Fun and enthusiasm promote development.

  • The holistic approach
My approach to consulting involves seeing you as a "whole" person: I address "heart, head and hands". I apply a holistic range of methods that embody nature and art, the mind and body, the heart and hands, activity and silence. With old and new methods and workshop designs from HR and organisational development. People in a process
My consulting often develops while I am working. This requires your trust in a new, creative and sometimes surprising process. People who claim they can predict the outcome right at the beginning are the kind of people who repair machines; they do not develop companies with people.
  • Pragmatism
For me, a holistic approach also means finding pragmatic and practicable methods and solutions rather than focusing on absurd specialism.
  • Together
My consulting methods are not always comfortable: I quiz you, avoid ready-made answers and take the time to involve you and your staff in the process

  • Belief
I believe in your skills, strengths and resources, in the expertise of every individual. I do not know better.
  • Profit
My work brings results, measurable in money, time saved, satisfaction, clarity... It is dependent on your goals. What are your goals?
  • The personal touch
My consultancy has a personal touch: in this complex consulting market, there is only one Gesa Niggemann, with her distinctive blend of personal, social and professional competences, skills and strengths. And either we harmonise, or we don't.

And I believe the only way we can find this out is to meet in person.
I look forward to visiting you!

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Consulting philosophy