Leadership development – Developing leadership skills

Being a leader means being able to manage a team. Leadership development means enhancing and developing leadership skills through the process of reflection and learning within a group of like-minded persons. Leaders learn to handle change better themselves and to support staff in such processes.

My services
  • Managing change – accompanying staff through the transition
  • Training senior executives to become change managers
  • Superior or leader? – The fundamental principles of leadership
  • Solution-focused communication for managers
  • Conducting interviews: appointment, development, assessment, feedback, conflict, employee's return to work, …
  • Increasing social and emotional skills
  • Learning to think in a sustainable, future-oriented way
  • Systemic management – learning to think systemically
  • ...
The formats
  • One-on-one support/Coaching for senior executives
  • One-day or several-day leadership seminars
  • Management development programmes with several modules over a longer period
Leadership development